Service Book of Days 2/19/10

I am writing this a bit late, okay very late, because I came back from spending 5 wonderful days being with Master. v Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?)  is darkness.  It is about 2:00am and I am not quite sleepy although I feel on the yucky side. vContinue reading “Service Book of Days 2/19/10”

This Week in Kink – A New Podcast

I have been listening to This Week in Kink, a new kink/bdsm oriented podcast.  It seems more towards general bdsm than straight out kink though.  JohnBaku and tonja along with other invited guests talk about some of the topics brought up in the groups on FetLife. I have been listening to all of the episodes Continue reading “This Week in Kink – A New Podcast”

Graydancer’s Ropecast

Ok, sometimes I am late to the party. I only learned of Graydancer’s Ropecast reciently by following John Baku (FetLife‘s founder) on twitter.  He will be on it later this month (it appears that there is some difficulty in recording it, so I can’t give you a date). So, Ropecast has been in existance sinceContinue reading “Graydancer’s Ropecast”