Purchasing Rope Online: A Sordid Tale of Disappointment with Rainbow Rope

26 08 2009

So I like to grow and expand what I do when it comes to Lifestyle activities. A long time ago, I did a little rope work, learned most of the basics, then moved on. I still had my bag of rope, and drug it along with me when I went to play. But, I decided to get some new rope and push the limits of what I was doing.

I did some research, and tried to figure out what I wanted. I then decided to buy some bondage specific rope and try something new. I Googled bondage rope, and saw a familiar name as the first result. I had heard of Rainbow Rope and had seen them at most of the bigger conferences that I had been to, so I thought that they would be a good source for me to buy my next bondage gear from, instead of the Dom Depot or Wally World, where I normally buy my rope from. Little did I know the aggravation this decision would cause me.

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