Foundations in Mastery by Catherine Gross

Ok, I am fresh back from my weekend seminar with Catherine Gross (check out last week’s post for some info on it). I have to say that it was one of the most unique experiences I have had while I have been in the Lifestyle. This was tremendous opportunity to be at the debut ofContinue reading “Foundations in Mastery by Catherine Gross”

Organizational Resources

I am taking a page from Master and passing along some of the resources I use to help. Part of my service to Sir is as an administrative assistant so to speak.  I schedule appointments on his calendar, set up reminder notices for these appointments.  Look up information on various topics and sometimes type upContinue reading “Organizational Resources”

Foundations in Mastery

This weekend I am heading to an interesting event. Catherine Gross, a highly respected Lifestyler, Mistress and educator, is debuting her new Foundations in Mastery class. I have sent my girl to her Servants Retreat (I) back in January, and it was very much appreciated by her. I sent esclave to the class mainly becauseContinue reading “Foundations in Mastery”

Green Sex Toys?

I subscribe to Playboy, and while I like the photos, I enjoy reading the Playboy Advisor column most of all (followed closely by the jokes page). This month someone asked about green sex toys. In the past, I wrote about vegan sex aids (remember Vegan Condoms? anyone?), so I thought you guys might like toContinue reading “Green Sex Toys?”

A Formal Dinner Service

This past January I got a chance to serve a formal dinner to Sir. This I must say is becoming a passion of mine.  There are some many intricate parts to serving a formal dinner.  It is nothing like what I serve to my children.  When I serve my children it is usually with meContinue reading “A Formal Dinner Service”

BDSM 101: Collaring and Collaring Ceremonies

I posted a few weeks ago about the ceremony that my esclave and I went through that formally acknowledged our relationship. In the lifestyle we call this a collaring ceremony. The collar is a physical representation of the spiritual bond between a Dominant and his submissive. A collaring ceremony is akin to a wedding inContinue reading “BDSM 101: Collaring and Collaring Ceremonies”