Gets a New Neighbor

25 02 2009

For those of you not familiar with the family of websites, is one of the hottest places on the internet for a choice selection of BDSM and other fetish related porn.  A couple of years back, they bought a large armory in San Francisco to use as their production studio. This lead to several protests, but eventually things died down.

Now, a new controversy has raised its head. Now the SF weekly reports that a new community center is being built in the same location.

Now a private group could stir things up again by leasing from Kink founder Peter Acworth the Armory’s “drill court” — a massive interior courtyard that resembles an airplane hangar — and turning it into a community center with youth-oriented programs.

Real estate lawyer David Klein is heading the Armory Community Center project, a for-profit venture he says should be up and running within 18 months. By turning the drill court into a full-time community center, Klein feels he’ll be adding something crucial to the Mission: an affordable performance venue, a spot for family events and farmers’ markets, and a home for children’s sports leagues.

Isn’t Klein worried what his Mission neighbors will think of sending their kids to a place right next to a hard-core porn studio? Definitely. “My job is to keep working with the community to break that connection,” he says, insisting no ties exist between his project and Kink, which also technically rents its building from Acworth. “We have the same landlord. That’s all.” To help solidify the divide, Klein is building a separate entrance for the Community Center on the Armory’s 14th Street side.

I wish them luck with the project, but I think it may be a bit much.


Kinky Sex Is On The Rise?

23 02 2009

Can we get a Wahoo up in here? lol

I found a report today in the local ABC affiliate in Huston, TX (chanel 13) where sex therapists are finding that people are turning to kinker sex.  All I can say to that is “Welcome to the party!” Now, I don’t think that we will find that all these people will be showing up at your next munch, but I think that it make make people a little more open minded.  (Well, ok I don’t really think that, but one can hope.)

Eroticism is in the eye of the beholder. In Japan, some women turn to electrically charged squid for sexual satisfaction. In the American world of masochism, one man begged to be tied on a spit and roasted over sizzling coals. His counterpart, a latex-loving dominatrix, reached ecstasy merely watching his pain.

What is abnormal may not necessarily be unnatural, according to sexologists who study the outer limits of the human psyche.

Though there is no hard data on what whether a spike in interest means a spike in actual activity, experts say anecdotally that couples are showing a marked interest in exploring new sexual intensity.

What is your opinion on this growth?  Let me know, in the comments.


BDSM 101: Household Task Management

19 02 2009

One of the responsibilities of a dominant is to keep his (or her) household running smoothly.  There are many tricks to doing this, but I have found a nice (and free) online service called Remember the Milk. To say that it is just another online todo list would be an understatement of its capabilities.  While it has the normal todo capabilities you would find in many todo lists, you can email yourself todos, subscribe to your lists via internet standards, even assign other users of the service tasks.

How I like to use it primarily is to call my girl and say to her, I need to remember this, add it to my list. She then types it up, assigns it to the date I want.  The next morning it is on my iPhone when I check (ok, this part cost money, but only $25/year, a reasonable price I think.  BlackBerry and Windows Mobile support available as well).  I also get SMS messages reminding me of tasks, if I set it up that way and emails too.  Multiple task lists, tagging and locations are also part of the basic service.   And for those of you who use Google‘s services, Remember the Milk has many modules that work well with either iGoogle or Gmail.

Overall I am quite pleased with the service, and I recommend it highly.  The hardest and most important part though is remembering to use it.   Anything will work, but you need to use it every day.


Hey, Lets Do Another Video!

17 02 2009

Found another one by TwistedMonk.  We have used them before on the House of Void site, so I hope you enjoy this one as much as you have in the past.


I’m Back

15 02 2009

Sorry about the last week guys, but life was really rough here at my house.  I found a cool video I thought I would share though.



A Brief Pause

10 02 2009

I am taking a brief pause in the blog due to a personal emergency.  All is well with myself, but I need to take some time to get things in order.  I apprecaite the patience.

Please check back again next week for new updates from me.  (I will see if my girl can post something so you don’t get too bored.

Again, I thank you for your patience.


Star Wars and M/s

7 02 2009

I was looking at Star Wars this past weekend.  I am a Star Wars fan, not an extreme fan, but I do have all of the movies and will get the Clone Wars to add to it.

The interaction between Darth Vader and the Sith Lord is fascinating to me.  When he made his decision to go to the Dark Side he was obedient to the Sith Lord.  No matter what was asked of Darth Vader his response would be “yes my Master” or “as you wish my Master.”   The Sith Lord would say “very good my apprentice”.

Once I became aware of this lifestyle it hit me that their relationship was a sort of Master/slave relationship.  One part of their interaction was something I try to emulate.   It was Darth Vader’s obedience to his Master.   Don’t get me wrong their relationship was extreme and faulty but even that can be used as a lesson.  Here are a few lessons that I took from the movie and I hope you can find them useful:

–  Choose your Master wisely.  Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker chose to close his eyes to the faults of the Sith Lord.  He ignored the warnings from his friends.  He traded his family and his morals for his own needs.

– Find someone you can trust to help you with your questions or to guide you when needed.  Before he became Darth Vader, Anakin was trained by those experienced in their field.  The Jedi Masters were the ones knowledgable in using the force.  With their continued guidance Anakin could have done great things for good.

– Obedience is what my Master desires.  I used to think that by my being obedient that Sir would lose interest in me.  In my mind a person who says yes Sir all the time is of no real use and only performing a robotic type service.  The Sith Lord needed Darth Vaders obedience.   He saw in Darth Vader what he needed (knowledge, skills, intelligence, his desire to be trained) to accomplish his plans.   In exchange for the Sith Lords protection, guidance, etc. Darth Vader gave him complete obedience.  Power Exchange.  He says yes my Master without hesitation and he does what he is asked without question.  This is the kind of dedication I want to have for Sir.

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