A Formal Dinner Service

This past January I got a chance to serve a formal dinner to Sir.

This I must say is becoming a passion of mine.  There are some many intricate parts to serving a formal dinner.  It is nothing like what I serve to my children.  When I serve my children it is usually with me standing at the stove and them coming with their plates for me to put food on it.  Sort of like an assembly line..LOL

This service for Sir was nothing like that.    Setting up and serving a formal dinner has been really fascinating for me.  I have been learning how to set a table .  I also learned napkin folding, which wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and actually it was a lot of fun.  My very first napkin fold was the diamond fold that I folded with a cheap napkin I got from work.   I am going to try and paste a picture of the table setting here.  Hopefully it will work.  In a previous post I wrote a review about a book I read that dealt with dinner service.  I encourage anyone to read it as another resource to learning formal dinner service.  I also joined a website that talks specifically about formal dinner service from a D/s aspect.

Part of the dinner service was planning the menu from start to finish.  The dinner was planned based on my knowing what Sir would and would not like.  I had to choose a menu that would take into account his allergies as well.  This was really nerve wracking to me as I saw this as a test of how well I had gotten to know Master.   So I spent quite a bit of time looking for dishes that would be tasty and not too extensive as Master did not want me to spend too much time cooking due to plans he had later in the evening.  The menu I came up with was called a taste of NY.  NY is Master’s favorite place to visit when he comes to see me.  I thought it would please him, it did 🙂

As I am a visual learner actually having to see the dinner, the presentation, the setting of the table, and performing the acts was a good learning experience for me.  There were somethings I did right and others I can improve on.

As Master and i enjoy protocals serving him dinner formally was a treat for both of us.  I look forward to doing it again.


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2 thoughts on “A Formal Dinner Service

  1. I’m sorry, e, at the moment all I really have is a smile and the thought “awesome. . ” in my head. Oh, and *raising hand* can I come to dinner? I’m kinda tired of just tossing stuff together ‘cus it’s just me and I just can’t get into the habit of making dinner for myself a big ‘to do’ 😉

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