Organizational Resources

I am taking a page from Master and passing along some of the resources I use to help.

Part of my service to Sir is as an administrative assistant so to speak.  I schedule appointments on his calendar, set up reminder notices for these appointments.  Look up information on various topics and sometimes type up my findings.   I create spreadsheets for his budget and I created a presentation on how to set up a bar.

Two of the resources I have been using have been really helpful to me.

One of them is google calendar.  I really like using this feature on google as you can have multiple calendars.  I currently have a calendars set up for the kids, for Master, for Master when he travels, and for me.  I can see daily when I there is something anyone has to do and what time I need to be there.  One of  features that I really enjoy about google calendar is that it can send you a reminder to either your phone (via text) or your email.  You can have the notice remind you minutes to hours in advance of your appointment.   You can also tell it how many time to send you a reminder.  You can have the reminder not only go to you but to others as well.  So if I create an appointment for Master the reminder notice will go to me and to him.

Another resource that I am coming to really like is Remember the Milk .  I have found that this program is a great addition to using Google calender.  Remember the Milk is a program that allows you to add daily tasks for yourself.  Master asks me to add items for him to follow up on that the calendar would not be useful for.  This program also sends reminders to your whatever service you specify.  You can specify the date and time for your task reminders here as well.

Something else Master and i put together very early on that I have found very useful as an organizational tool is something called the Butler’s Book.  I’ll see if I can find a link to show.  This book is very indepth.  It has in it Masters clothes, food preferences, drink preferences, allergies, health information, travel information, toiletry preferences, music interests, bdsm interests, etc.  I thoroughly recommend this to starting M/s and D/s couples.  Keeps all useful information handy.

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