Green Sex Toys?

I subscribe to Playboy, and while I like the photos, I enjoy reading the Playboy Advisor column most of all (followed closely by the jokes page). This month someone asked about green sex toys. In the past, I wrote about vegan sex aids (remember Vegan Condoms? anyone?), so I thought you guys might like to hear about the green options

Our first choice (and most popular according to Google) is Earth Erotics. They have a lot of different green sex toys. From oils to lubes to bedsheets, I think you will find what you are looking for here. They even have a green, recycled, rubber whip. Hehe

“We founded Earth Erotics as an effort to provide a secure and comfortable space for health conscious and environmentally conscious shoppers to find an array of non-toxic erotics, organic cotton bed and bath, and earthy bedroom ambience. We consider Earth Erotics the natural food store of adult boutiques. That is because we are not a mega-store, we are a small, grass roots boutique committed to the strictest standards of quality and care for your health and pleasure. We will make the best effort to inform you about what you are buying. We are committed to customer service and encourage open dialogue about toxins and the environment.”

Next up to bat, Ok, I couldn’t find anything green here. Maybe they have a rechargeable vibrator? That would certainly be green. But they don’t make finding the stuff easy. They do have a variety of toys and even some articles on the finer points on sex (how to give a blowjob for example). so it is still worth a trip, just not for the greenies.

Finally they suggest This looks like a much better place to shop. It has both green and non green lines of toys. (The green stuff can be found here). has announced a company-wide “Commitment to Green” initiative. Recycling, water filtration, solar energy, energy efficient lighting are all ways of reducing our carbon footprint.
As a leader in the online adult novelty industry we now look ahead to the years to come. We understand the importance of being environmentally conscious and the responsibility we have, as one of the largest online novelty distributors.

Finally has a very good, very deep Green sex article. I really recomend checking this one out. There is a whole lot of information here.

Do you have any experience with Green sex toys? If so, let us know in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Green Sex Toys?

  1. No, mine’s pink (and blue, and purple), but that’s besides the point (LOL) But thanks- I’m actually going to check out those sites when I have more time (always time for a stupid quip, though). Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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