A Different Kind of Collarme Spam

I have said before that I have a profile on Collarme. Frankly, I never received a lot email there, but I like looking at the profiles and the beautiful women there so I keep coming back. So I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from a Domme that I saw was near myContinue reading “A Different Kind of Collarme Spam”

Pole Dancing in China as Exercise

While I have heard of using erotic dancing similar to what one finds in a strip club as a form of aerobic exercise, it seems that the Chinese have improved on the concept. They have stepped up to pole dancing.  Personally, I think that if it is done properly, pole dancing is one of theContinue reading “Pole Dancing in China as Exercise”

Post on CNN on How to Stimulate a Womans Sex Life

Personally, I take a great interest in the healthy sex life of women.  The reason is pretty simple: Self Interest.  I love women, and I love enjoying sex with women (albeit with a twist). So I was pleased to find this article on CNN on 5 ways that a woman can improve her sex life.Continue reading “Post on CNN on How to Stimulate a Womans Sex Life”