Reactance Pt2.

Okay…part 2

So from the comment on my previous post i see my words were not as clear to others as they were to me.  my apologies.  i sometimes write with the understanding that everyone knows what i am talking about…LOL

Anyway,  I have found this theory of reactance to be very interesting.   The link will take you to a wiki page that delves further into reactance from a psychological standpoint.

To explain a bit more than my first post…Psychological reactance occurs in response to threats to perceived behavioral freedoms [1] [2].  The fear of loss of further freedoms can spark this arousal and motivate reestablishing the threatened freedom. Because this motivational state is a result of the perceived reduction of one’s freedom of action, it is considered a counterforce, and thus is called “psychological reactance.”  

There are four main points to psychological reactance: 1.  perceived freedom, 2. threat to freedom, 3. reactance, and 4. restoration of freedom (my diet scenario clarified, hopefully). 

Hopefully this clarifies my thinking a bit more.



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One thought on “Reactance Pt2.

  1. Hrmmmmm, no, I think I got it. . . but maybe my meandering answer was off- you did a good job explaining it the first time and then I took it and applied it to me (LOL). But the Wiki definition. . . that’s pretty much the understanding I got from your first blog. And then I babbled.

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