The Parable of Three Cubes of Ice

Today I was attending the Local MasT (Masters and slaves together) meeting and was reminded of a tale I told years ago. Some how it had slipped my mind. But tonight I am sharing with you all. The rule was simple. 3 cubes of ice. She was to have His drink prepared each evening whenContinue reading “The Parable of Three Cubes of Ice”

50/50, 75/25, 60/40, 100/0….

My post tonight will be a short one. Something I have come to realize in relationships is that when things start to go bad people start to look at how much each has contributed to the relationship.  We start to become consumed with the percentages we give in relation to the other party. We startContinue reading “50/50, 75/25, 60/40, 100/0….”


So these last few months Master and I have both spoken of the adjustments we have had to make in being together. The issues we had in relating to each other were put on the back burner due to our distance. It was realized that our communication skills were really lacking. Truthfully, my habit ofContinue reading “Adjustments”

Marriage and M/s

So Master and I are getting married yay.  But now I am wondering if marriage changes an M/s relationship. Master has been reminding me that this marriage does not change our dynamic.  I am his slave first and foremost.  The marriage is purely for legal reasons only. I am going to write my observations aboutContinue reading “Marriage and M/s”