Marriage and M/s

So Master and I are getting married yay.  But now I am wondering if marriage changes an M/s relationship.

Master has been reminding me that this marriage does not change our dynamic.  I am his slave first and foremost.  The marriage is purely for legal reasons only.

I am going to write my observations about this as I go along.  My view for me on marriage is that the man is the head.  I have not been married within an M/s dynamic an my last marriage was definitely not man first.

Another fascinating path in my life.

If you have any comments or observations on Marriage and M/s please feel free to add and share.

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4 thoughts on “Marriage and M/s

  1. Congratulations!

    I am married to my Master and we had a few bumps in the road in the beginning. We used to struggle sometimes with the two relationships.

    We sat and analyzed our relationship and realized we were focused on the wrong one and needed to focus more on our relationship as M/s. I think since we decided to put that relationship first we have been much happier with our dynamic.

  2. Hi mastersangel 🙂

    Thank you for the congratulations.

    You said “we needed to focus more on our relationship as M/s”. I think this is a really good point. That the slave and the Master need to be clear on what relationship is important.

    Thanks for commenting.

    MV’s esclave

  3. Congratulations!

    I have a lot of D/s and M/s experience and training, and I just wanted to tell you one thing: Being married to Master is the best thing ever. We brought D/s into our relationship early on and took it to the M/s level recently (after we got married). It is the best decision we have made as a couple. I wish you luck!

  4. Hi girlxunderxconstruction…thank you for the congratulations and the well wishes :))

    I am looking forward to this next evolution of U/us. I see it though as Master legally owning me 🙂

    MV’s esclave

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