The Parable of Three Cubes of Ice

Ice cubes in a glass of iced tea. Lighting con...
Ice cubes in a glass of iced tea. Lighting consisted of sunlight coming through the kitchen window, background is my kitchen table. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was attending the Local MasT (Masters and slaves together) meeting and was reminded of a tale I told years ago. Some how it had slipped my mind. But tonight I am sharing with you all.

The rule was simple.

3 cubes of ice. She was to have His drink prepared each evening when he came home. He was specific. Not 2 cubes, not 4 cubes, but exactly 3 cubes is what he wanted in his drink. And thus it went for a time.


One evening, she ran out of ice and only had two cubes for his drink. So she prepared his drink, and waited for  his punishment. He came home, preoccupied with work, and took his drink, patted her on the head, and went off to the study to work some more. Not a word was said about the cubes.

So the next day, she wondered why he didn’t say anything. So she gave him a drink with 4 cubes. And again he was too busy to notice.

Two days became a week, then two, then three. Inside the slave wondered if he still loved her, what was wrong, why wasn’t she being punished.

Eventually he noticed… And thought back and couldn’t remember when it had changed. He knew it wasn’t the first time.

And he was afraid of admitting a mistake.

Sadly, because neither would speak up on this, the relationship would end.

Take a moment, and think on the lesson and learn the importance of noticing the difference in 2 and 3 cubes makes in a relationship.




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