Marriage and M/s

5 10 2010

So Master and I are getting married yay.  But now I am wondering if marriage changes an M/s relationship.

Master has been reminding me that this marriage does not change our dynamic.  I am his slave first and foremost.  The marriage is purely for legal reasons only.

I am going to write my observations about this as I go along.  My view for me on marriage is that the man is the head.  I have not been married within an M/s dynamic an my last marriage was definitely not man first.

Another fascinating path in my life.

If you have any comments or observations on Marriage and M/s please feel free to add and share.

MV’s esclave

Master Void Interviews namaste

21 10 2009

And I bet you are asking yourself, who is namaste?  Well for one namaste is the slave who mentored my little esclave. But I will let her introduce herself.

slave – namaste has counseled women and taught about embracing submission for over 15 years. She brings this knowledge into her relationship serving as Master Obsidians’ 24/7 TPE slave as well as to counseling and aiding in the development of other slaves in the lifestyle. Her writings on surrender and absolute slavery have been featured on web sites and in books. She is Founder and co-moderator of various lifestyle groups, including one geared specifically for slaves in TPE relationships. She is into Domestic Service, Protocols, Spirituality and The Art of Surrender.

Obsidian and her make a wonderful pair, and have served as an influence for both myself and my slave.  I wanted to interview both of them, and namaste had her interview ready first.

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