Dark Odyssey

Sorry, I haven’t been posting recently as regularly as I normally do. I will try to keep the blog updated more regularly. That said, a lot of things have been beckoning my attention recently. An interesting one is an event in Maryland called Dark Odessey. Dark Odyssey produces three events a year: Winter Fire, LeatherContinue reading “Dark Odyssey”

BDSM Covered by Human Rights in Canada?

Well I am back after a long weekend with some out of town company, so the blog should continue now at a bit more regular pace. I ran across this story just before I left and I thought I would share it with you. VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) – A Canadian man who claims heContinue reading “BDSM Covered by Human Rights in Canada?”


Things are going to be a tad busy here this weekend at Chez Void (I have company coming over), so I am not sure when I will have time to post this weekend, but hopefully esclave will find time to post something.  Have a fun weekend everyone. MV

Incredible Gear

I am always looking for some new and interesting gear for BDSM activities. While perusing Thndrshark’s website the other day, I came across some truly amazing bondage gear. Martin’s rigid cuffs are exactly that. Extremely solid, durable, aluminum shackles with a very modern look. Many designs are linked by thick solid metal as well. TheseContinue reading “Incredible Gear”