Dark Odyssey

Sorry, I haven’t been posting recently as regularly as I normally do. I will try to keep the blog updated more regularly.

That said, a lot of things have been beckoning my attention recently. An interesting one is an event in Maryland called Dark Odessey.

Dark Odyssey produces three events a year: Winter Fire, Leather Retreat, and Summer Camp. As a community, Dark Odyssey is a melting pot of diverse identities and interests that welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, and perversions. Dark Odyssey is a wholly unique experience which brings together sexuality, spirituality, education, and play in a fun, supportive, non-judgmental environment where fantasy becomes reality. Dark Odyssey events immerse you in an atmosphere of sexual energy and experimentation that will add excitement and passion to your relationships and create deeper levels of connection between you and your partners.

In 2008, Leather Retreat, which had been produced for the last ten years by Community Ties, became part of Dark Odyssey. The focus of Leather Retreat has always been on play, and that did not change when it became part of the Dark Odyssey family. We have outstanding presenters giving great hands-on workshops, but Dark Odyssey: Leather Retreat is really about relaxing, making friends, and playing … a lot. Playing all day long. Playing before breakfast. Playing at the pool. Playing on a boulder next to the road on the way to the pool … just because the moment felt right.

It should be interesting. Definitely and event I will need to keep my eye on so that when I get more money I might want to attend.


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