Meeting of the Tribes

I got this in my inbox the other day, and it says to spread the message, so that is what I am doing. The conference looks interesting, something I will keep my eye on. (I need way too many eyes to keep my eye on all that I want to). It is in my back yard, so it may be feasible to go.

Hey, y’all! – Please Crosspost this notice to groups in NC, TN, SC, GA, AL, and FL!

Did you ever want to find out who the groups in the southeast really are?

Do you hear acronyms bandied about, but nobody has any contact information for you to even figure out what the acronym stands for in the first place, much less what city it’s in?

Are you the last one to hear that a group has gone under, or that there’s a new group coming up about your ~favorite~ topic?

Would you like to go to other groups, but you’re not even sure if they HAVE a group there?

Would you just like to meet someone face to face so you’re not a stranger when you go visit a group you ~have~ actually heard of?

Would you just like to see something NEW at a presentation?


Welcome to The Meeting of The Tribes (MOTT)!


We’re talking about a weekend package arranged by a lifestyle-friendly events company at a South Carolina hotel including:

Dinner on Friday

An indoor pool to enjoy and hang out around Saturday Breakfast Tables to stop by to meet group representatives Tables with vendors so you can see the latest in toys and supplies A wide range of presenters doing their thing all afternoon Saturday Dinner…

….And a professionally produced Fetish Walk: a catwalk show for the exhibitionistic among us to strut their stuff while holding or wearing items up for auction, complete with fancy lighting, DJ, catwalk, smoke machines, and the works….

And for those of you who get up in the morning, breakfast on Sunday is included as well!

We’re negotiating discounted rates on the hotel rooms right now, but we’re keeping the prices as low as we can, so you can bring all your friends. You will definitely get your money’s worth! Among the things you’ll take home is a directory of the groups and vendors in the South East who will welcome you!

Group Leaders and Vendors: Here’s your chance to get the word out about yourselves! Become a sponsor, donate an item for auction to be carried by one of your folks in the Fetish Walk, purchase a table so you can catch the eye of those traveling folks who will carry your reputation home with them.

Inquiries can be directed to [ thefoxglovelady at yahoo dot com (edited to reduce spam)]and you’ll hear back in a jiffy! As soon as we get the dedicated website up and the date gets closer, we’ll have another e-mail to use for MOTT business, but if you’re looking to contribute or volunteer, now’s the time to get in! The MOTT Board is made of folks from a handful of different groups, so this really is an honest-to-goodness multi-group organization.


The MOTT Board

The KEY Board

As soon as there is a website, I will post that.


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