Teldildonics Patent Expires

I learned this week that the patent on remotely operated computer controlled sex toys expired this week. These toys are very popular on sex cam sites where the models/performers allow their customers to control the dildos in exchange for payment. I myself would love to have one on my future slave that was controlled byContinue reading “Teldildonics Patent Expires”

Bluetooth Clit Stimulation Implant (WTF?!?)

Just a short thing for Friday, here is a bluetooth implant used to stimulate your clit. ¬†Pretty expensive and apparently uses body heat for charging the device. Might even be more fun if they made an app that remote controls it over the internet, eh? It is a neat body mod, if you are intoContinue reading “Bluetooth Clit Stimulation Implant (WTF?!?)”