Teldildonics Patent Expires

I learned this week that the patent on remotely operated computer controlled sex toys expired this week. These toys are very popular on sex cam sites where the models/performers allow their customers to control the dildos in exchange for payment. I myself would love to have one on my future slave that was controlled by bluetooth and her phone.

The site Ars Technica speculates that this will spark an explosion in new sex toys. I for one am very interested.


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I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

3 thoughts on “Teldildonics Patent Expires

  1. It may be a ‘blond moment’ even though my hair has – is MORE grey than anywhere near even light blond, BUT there have been multiple – MANY remote (Internet, Blue Tooth, WiFi, etc. devices including at least two (2) e-stim products able to be controlled via the Internet.

    Unclear what the patent (protection) expiration has to do with the proliferation of remotely operated/controlled devices?

    Be WELL ‘n be SAFE! Lady Robin

  2. Lady Robin,

    It probably has more to do with no longer needing to pay royalties and the threat of lawsuits for startups than anything else.

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