FetLife: Following vs. Friending

11 02 2019

Following now shows their public activities on your feed.

Friend gives you the ability to send unlimited messages, write on their wall, and view friends only writings, photos, and videos.

If you are following a friend then their friends only material will also appear on your freed. When you send someone a friend request, you automatically follow them unless they have following turned off. Then you will follow when they accept your friend request. Finally unfollowing a friend removes their activities from your feed.


Photography Tips

8 01 2010

I found an interesting series of videos on how to shoot models. I figure it will transfer pretty well to shooting pics of people tied up too, which is what I am starting to do. If you are interested in getting better results when photographing your partner(s) then watch below.  One note: audio quality sucks, but the info is very good.

One tip I have learned, use a long lens when shooting to replicate what the Pros do. Professional photographers often use a 200mm lens to give their lens a special look. While expensive, it does get great results.  If you notice, the camera the photographer is using has an extra long lens.

Good luck,


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