Where Will Master Void Be?

26 08 2018

I am doing two presentations in October at the Living On The Edge – Edge play fund raising event, where I’ll be teaching Electrical Play and Caning. Both of these presentations will be more heavily focused on the theme on the event so even if you’ve seem me speak on the topics before, you might learn something new.

The location is somewhere between Raleigh and Fayetteville, and the cost is a suggested $30 donation.

I hope to see you there.


Where Will Master Void Be?

18 05 2012
Electric weapon

Electric weapon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m glad you asked.  I will be presenting at the Burke Educational Group in June on electrical play. I quite enjoy playing with electricity, although esclave can generally leave it. Not that she get that choice often. There is a physical and a psychological aspect to the play you don’t get with some other types of play. If you care to learn more, and are near Burke County, NC in June check out the event on FetLife. I’ll be talking about how to include electrical play in your scene with things from tens units to stun guns. I hope to see some of you there.


Electrical Play Basics: TENS Unit

21 07 2010

Tens UnitI believe that the best way to begin with electrical play is the TENS unit. (TENS means Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.) A Tens unit is a box you use to generate an electrical pulse which is used in medicine for pain control.

We don’t use it for that.

Instead, we use it to stimulate the muscles and skin of our partners. The frequency of the pulses and the intensity can be adjusted from so that you can go to very pleasurable to quite intense. It is perhaps the easiest and safest, while allowing for a wide range of sensations. You can even find attachments that will allow you to provide some unique sensations.

Before you begin electrical play, keep in mind that this is advance play, even with a toy like this.  Get help from your local community. Never use it on the head, and be very careful to not use it near the hear (particularly if you use it across the heart).  I would urge you to buy and read Juice first before you do anything electrical, or find a mentor to teach you hands on.

Good luck and have fun.


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