Where Will Master Void Be?

I am doing two presentations in October at the Living On The Edge – Edge play fund raising event, where I’ll be teaching Electrical Play and Caning. Both of these presentations will be more heavily focused on the theme on the event so even if you’ve seem me speak on the topics before, you mightContinue reading “Where Will Master Void Be?”

Black BEAT 2014: A Call for Presenters

Black BEAT 2014 August 14-17- Maryland A Call for Presenters A. Black BEAT’s educational program provides opportunities for learning through watching, listening, practicing and sharing our knowledge and experience! We are currently seeking a limited number of presenters for ·Beginner, intermediate and advanced topics (i.e., extreme edge play, spiritual classes and everything in between). ·HandsContinue reading “Black BEAT 2014: A Call for Presenters”