Centered Through Meditation

One of the tools that I use to help keep me centered is meditation. I meditate 3 days out of the week for 20 minutes.   I usually meditate with soothing music playing and in a dark room.  This helps me relax my mind after such a busy day which usually starts at 6:30am.  Admittedly itContinue reading “Centered Through Meditation”

How Not to Negotiate – “I desire to be your slave”

So when I started in this lifestyle I knew nothing about labels all I knew was that I desired to be with someone that I can give over everything too.  I often say that I have no middle ground it is either all or nothing with me.  So, hey, I found these people with menContinue reading “How Not to Negotiate – “I desire to be your slave””

Electrical Play Basics: TENS Unit

I believe that the best way to begin with electrical play is the TENS unit. (TENS means Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.) A Tens unit is a box you use to generate an electrical pulse which is used in medicine for pain control. We don’t use it for that. Instead, we use it to stimulate theContinue reading “Electrical Play Basics: TENS Unit”

Journals and Journaling; My Take On It

At some point, I think that most slaves/submissives are encouraged to keep a journal. Sometimes it is required by their Owner, who may read it from time to time. Others do it to process their journey; perhaps even as a way to document the changes their lives are undergoing. But, do you ever wonder whyContinue reading “Journals and Journaling; My Take On It”