BZ Conference – a good resource for information on BDSM, M/s or D/s

 BZ Conference Workshop Update    I have found this workshop to be a great resource of information.  It is free and easy talk with people with varied experience in the lifestyle.  If you are looking for a place to ask your questions or find some answers…click on the link in the ad    BZ ConferenceContinue reading “BZ Conference – a good resource for information on BDSM, M/s or D/s”

Protocols pt. 1

I am a big fan of protocols in the lifestyle. I believe that protocols define a set of behaviors in a given situation. Protocols make the Dominant’s and submissive’s roles easier to manage and provide defined expectations for both roles. If I do not lay out clear instructions and directions for how my slave isContinue reading “Protocols pt. 1”

The Clothes Pins Game.

Came up an interesting game to play with esclave, and I thought I would share. Start with a large quantity of clothes pins (depends on your sub, I recommend at least 50 to start). The dominant records a number and seals it in an envelope. The number should be less than the number of clothesContinue reading “The Clothes Pins Game.”