How Not to Negotiate: How do I find the One for me?

I thought this post would be a deviation from the normal tone of my “How Not to Negotiate” posts but I think it fits.  So often many come in to this lifestyle wondering how to find the One for them or asking what qualifications a Dominant would need to have for them.   So manyContinue reading “How Not to Negotiate: How do I find the One for me?”

LA Dungeon Scene of Murder and Fire

I found out about this disturbing news this weekend. While it is scene related, I think it is more of a case of work place violence.  Basically, it seems that the alleged murderer was fired from the club earlier, then came back, shot the owner in the head and set fire to the club. ItContinue reading “LA Dungeon Scene of Murder and Fire”

How Not to Negotiate – “I trust you Completely”

This is something that I have said to Master often and I have heard people say.  I think we say it but don’t truly mean.  So I am going to explore the issue of trusting really in someone. One of the things that I love about Sir is his impulsiveness.  There have been several timesContinue reading “How Not to Negotiate – “I trust you Completely””