New Feature on House of Void: Interviews

I have decided to make use of my platform by interviewing some friends I have made (usually of some noteworthiness) in the Lifestyle.  I have asked quite a few already, but I am going to start this with a friend who is also a fetish photographer: Darque de Sade of Indigo Blaque Studios. Now, on with the interview.’

5 Questions with Darque de Sade

1) Who is Darque_de_Sade?

Darque at heart is an aristocrat with a strong hedonistic streak.  A Daddy Dom of 22 years and counting based out Brooklyn, New York. The person you may not want to give an uncensored mic to due to a somewhat intense mentality

2) How did you get into the Scene/Lifestyle?

I was able to put a name to what felt and enjoyed when I was 17. Due to lack of an outlet for WIITWD at the time (pre-internet) I was a bit lost as there was no one I knew of that I could talk to or learn from. After years of being true to myself when I could I came across Black BEAT and considered myself a true part of the scene.

3) What is your claim to fame in the scene? i.e What are you known for?

If I went by what people say, it would have to be my photography (some people think I’m good).  I own Indigo Blaque Studios, a photography and graphics firm.  We’ve launched the Indigo Blaque Project, which is dedicated to featuring women of color in kink in a way befitting their beauty.

4) When composing your photographs, what do you try to keep in mind?

Realism.  I have 2 fan bases (I hate that term), those who like the beauty and art of my work and those who seek the beauty and authenticity of the scene portrayed.  I feel as long as I’m real about what I’m doing everything else falls into place.

5) What is important?

My religion, my family and loved ones,  I tend to stick to the basics. Success would be nice being able to beat some ass all week would be great but in the end I have what I need.


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I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

4 thoughts on “New Feature on House of Void: Interviews

  1. Very cool. But you know what I’d like to see? YOU answer those questions- toss up a self-interview 😀

  2. Thank you Master Void for putting this together.I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Darque and it was a wonderful experince. I look forward to other interviews by you.

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