Indigo Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. I

17 10 2008

Good work here

Indigo Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. I
Indigo Blaque LLC’s New Table Top Book

Announcing the release of Indigo Blaque: A New Look at Fetish, Vol. I, by Fetish Photographer Darque of Indigo Blaque Studios, the first volume in his rendition of the future of photography. A New Look at Fetish adds artistic intrigue and erotic excitement to delight the eyes of its viewers. Bondage and eroticism ignite sensual visual imagery and highlights of this extraordinary book. It captures rope, wax, cuffs, etc., entwined with women’s anatomy of various sizes displaying a sensual and tasteful array of fetishism.

Darque was the distinguished winner of the 2007 Art Show held in New England at the Fetish Flea. Darque’s photography is a permanent fixture in the Vi Johnson’s Library that is renowned as a traveling tribute to Leather History. Darque’s most recent photographic works were on display in August at Floating World in Edison New Jersey and can also be found on his website Indigo Blaque –

“A New Look at Fetish, Vol. I, portrays the different view point of women in kink, and not a European or Asian view, but a different shade all together. Photographs are not from a sub category point of view, but from a position of empowerment”, says Darque.

Indigo Blaque LLC is a full function design studio located in Brooklyn New York, dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle. From Photography to all elements of layout and design, Indigo Blaque will turn your ideas and fantasies into reality.


For more information please contact Ty:

The book can be previewed and purchased here:




3 responses

17 10 2008

I got an opportunity to met Darque De Sade and see the book. Both which are wonderful I might add. I’ve ordered my copy.

24 10 2008
ty de Sade

Thank for posting this and supporting U/us Sir!

7 07 2009
BLAQUE – A New Look At Fetish vol. II « The House of Void

[…] I look forward to getting my own copy to go with the first volume. […]

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