Protocols from a slave’s view

My Master has done an excellent job of portraying his thinking on how and what protocols are for His house.  I would like to relate how these protocols affect me. This definition of a protocols was taken from a tech website but I somehow feel that it applies, the bolded portions are my words): Protocols are anContinue reading “Protocols from a slave’s view”

Women in Australia Want Group Sex?

I am always interested in the sex lives of those around the world. I figure it will give me something to spice mine up with. Now since I am associate with a diverse group of people, I find all sorts of things interesting. I found an article today indicating that women are almost as likelyContinue reading “Women in Australia Want Group Sex?”

Protocols Part 4: Developing Protocols for Groups

This is part of my protocol series, which can be found here, here, and here. I recently had to decide on a protocol for a group I hosted here at the House of Void. There was a diverse group, and I needed to come up with some simple rules of behavior. Fortunately, I had someContinue reading “Protocols Part 4: Developing Protocols for Groups”