Protocols from a slave’s view

30 05 2009

My Master has done an excellent job of portraying his thinking on how and what protocols are for His house.  I would like to relate how these protocols affect me.

This definition of a protocols was taken from a tech website but I somehow feel that it applies, the bolded portions are my words):
Protocols are an agreed-upon format for transmitting data (instructions, rules, behaviors) between two devices (Master to slave).   The protocol determines the following:
  • the type of error checking to be used   (I send to Master everyday a daily email detailing certain items that I should have done)

  • data compression (storing data in a format that requires less space than usual) method, if any (self explanatory,  Master does not make his protocols so extensive that the meaning gets lost)

  • how the sending device will indicate that it has finished sending a message (My Master usually asks if I have any questions or if I need any clarification on the protocol(s) introduced)

  • how the receiving device will indicate that it has received a message  (my affirmation of “yes Master”) 
  • This is how I perceive my Master’s protocols.  They are our special way to communicate with each other.  He transfers to me his way for me to programmed to his specifications.  I have protocols for when I am at his home, my home and in public (vanilla and M/s setting).

    Women in Australia Want Group Sex?

    27 05 2009

    I am always interested in the sex lives of those around the world. I figure it will give me something to spice mine up with. Now since I am associate with a diverse group of people, I find all sorts of things interesting. I found an article today indicating that women are almost as likely to initiate group sex as men are.  I may have to move to Australia.

    Almost 40 percent of respondents report an equal gender split in the group encounter, while a further 30 percent report a majority of men taking part and 30 percent a majority of women.

    Almost as many women as men instigate the idea of group sex — 46 percent compared with 54 percent, according to the sizeable survey, which drew 8,763 responses from among its 1.5 million member listings.

    A narrow majority of those engaging in group sex are couples, rather than singles, and most of the couples participate together

    Let me know of your group sex expereinces, in the comments.


    BDSM Floggin How-To Video

    26 05 2009

    I found it interesting.  The guy has some good techniques (I can flog but I look more like a flailing monkey.  It does work for my girl though).


    Protocols Part 4: Developing Protocols for Groups

    18 05 2009

    This is part of my protocol series, which can be found here, here, and here.

    I recently had to decide on a protocol for a group I hosted here at the House of Void. There was a diverse group, and I needed to come up with some simple rules of behavior. Fortunately, I had some guidelines that I could use to serve as a guideline, but forming protocols for groups pose slightly different challenges.

    As a reminder, the guidelines I use for developing my protocols are:

    1. The protocol should be simple: Easily explained with normal words and no jargon.
    2. The protocol should be practical: It should perform some purpose, even if that purpose is to just be pretty.
    3. The protocol should be accomplishable: The people at my event had to be able to comply with the rules.

    Along with those things in mind, I had to keep these things in mind too:

    1. Protocols must be for both roles: Doms and subs are both going to be present at my house, so the rules had to address the roles of both (switches can choose either role).
    2. Protocols must reflect the agenda of the group: Protocols are a useful way to reinforce the purpose of your group, so it is very useful to only have protocols that are required to reinforce this purpose.

    My group was focused on discussion, kind along the meetings that the great writers and poets had during the 19th century. I wanted to facilitate discussion, and encourage all to express their opinion. Keeping these thoughts in mind, I formulated the following rules (the actual wording may have varied as I did this on the fly, and frankly didn’t write down my golden words at the time).

    1. All persons, Dom or Master, submissive or slave, top bottom or switch, are allowed to state their opinions without fear of being ridiculed, belittled or interrupted. Please remember to do the same when it is time for another to speak.
    2. Do not speak ill of anyone not present.
    3. If imbibing of adult beverages, be responsible.
    4. What happens at the House of Void, stays at the House of Void.

    These were simple, and proved effective.

    I found another good example (a bit longer, but still focused, simple and clear) on They have opened up a new area where Dominants and submissives can mix before cameras that stream their actions live over the internet called the Upper Floor.  This presents some unique challenges (such as a need to define protocols for the staff), but I think the resulting rules illustrate what I am speaking of here.  Check it out here.

    Have you any thoughts on this?  Perhaps you have had to come up with rules for your own group? If so, please let me know, in the comments.


    Hopefully I Have Not Posted This Video Before

    11 05 2009



    I Feel Like a Video, You Feel Like a Video?

    6 05 2009

    YouTube – Shibari Performance, BioBurlesque 2007.

    Safety in BDSM Is Not Always Black and White

    4 05 2009

    A post on one of the websites I frequent today spurred a thought on the issues of safety and BDSM. BDSM is a high risk activity, along the lines of hiking and camping, white water rafting, or even bungee jumping or parasailing. That said, I am more philosophically aligned with RACK not SSC. Each and every one of us do not have the same issues with safety. What is safe for me, may be highly dangerous for another. Theses are things that we must keep in mind when planning or witnessing a scene.

    • Different activities have different risk level. What this means is caning has one level of risk, caning needles, another. A violent wand is a great thing, but combining that with a piercing can cause risks that you may not have taken into account.
    • Different physical issues carry different risks. A young, flexible, nubile toy does not have the same risk level as a BBW, 63 year old slave. Both can be played with, but don’t make the old slave crawl along the floor, because you may need to pick her back up.
    • Different mental issues cause bad risks. If you don’t know everything about your sub, how can you know that putting a gag in her mouth will cause her to freak out. (Yes, this has happened to me, but that is another tale.) Be careful, take the time to get to know your partners as fully as possible, and take responsibility when the bad things occur.
    • Different play styles carry inherently different risk. Does the person playing start hard without warmup? Iron butt syndrome? Or perhaps they prefer to use a more gentle touch. The hard core player who changes it up with his partner without warning, is likely to cause some mental distress. A gentle player who suddenly wacks his sub hard, may end up causing physical and mental trauma. Watch what you are doing, and be ready to handle the fallout. And if you see a player playing differently than you are comfortable with, don’t let that be the sole factor in deciding that the scene is “bad”.

    So, I want you to keep these issues in mind when watching or planning out the evenings events. Do you have the experience to judge if an activity is unsafe? Or are you having an issue because it makes you afraid? Squick you?


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