Protocols from a slave’s view

30 05 2009

My Master has done an excellent job of portraying his thinking on how and what protocols are for His house.  I would like to relate how these protocols affect me.

This definition of a protocols was taken from a tech website but I somehow feel that it applies, the bolded portions are my words):
Protocols are an agreed-upon format for transmitting data (instructions, rules, behaviors) between two devices (Master to slave).   The protocol determines the following:
  • the type of error checking to be used   (I send to Master everyday a daily email detailing certain items that I should have done)

  • data compression (storing data in a format that requires less space than usual) method, if any (self explanatory,  Master does not make his protocols so extensive that the meaning gets lost)

  • how the sending device will indicate that it has finished sending a message (My Master usually asks if I have any questions or if I need any clarification on the protocol(s) introduced)

  • how the receiving device will indicate that it has received a message  (my affirmation of “yes Master”) 
  • This is how I perceive my Master’s protocols.  They are our special way to communicate with each other.  He transfers to me his way for me to programmed to his specifications.  I have protocols for when I am at his home, my home and in public (vanilla and M/s setting).

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