Women in Australia Want Group Sex?

I am always interested in the sex lives of those around the world. I figure it will give me something to spice mine up with. Now since I am associate with a diverse group of people, I find all sorts of things interesting. I found an article today indicating that women are almost as likelyContinue reading “Women in Australia Want Group Sex?”

The Curious Case of the Kinky Dr. Beaton

Ok, so Mr. Beaton isn’t a Dr.  Instead he is a disturbed psychologist who abused his patients trust, as well as making the kinky community look bad. I found it via the West, and Australian news site. A former Fremantle psychologist who used bondage and discipline role-playing to treat a 22-year-old bulimic woman has beenContinue reading “The Curious Case of the Kinky Dr. Beaton”