Women in Australia Want Group Sex?

27 05 2009

I am always interested in the sex lives of those around the world. I figure it will give me something to spice mine up with. Now since I am associate with a diverse group of people, I find all sorts of things interesting. I found an article today indicating that women are almost as likely to initiate group sex as men are.  I may have to move to Australia.

Almost 40 percent of respondents report an equal gender split in the group encounter, while a further 30 percent report a majority of men taking part and 30 percent a majority of women.

Almost as many women as men instigate the idea of group sex — 46 percent compared with 54 percent, according to the sizeable RedHotPie.com.au survey, which drew 8,763 responses from among its 1.5 million member listings.

A narrow majority of those engaging in group sex are couples, rather than singles, and most of the couples participate together

Let me know of your group sex expereinces, in the comments.


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