Star Wars and M/s

I was looking at Star Wars this past weekend.  I am a Star Wars fan, not an extreme fan, but I do have all of the movies and will get the Clone Wars to add to it.

The interaction between Darth Vader and the Sith Lord is fascinating to me.  When he made his decision to go to the Dark Side he was obedient to the Sith Lord.  No matter what was asked of Darth Vader his response would be “yes my Master” or “as you wish my Master.”   The Sith Lord would say “very good my apprentice”.

Once I became aware of this lifestyle it hit me that their relationship was a sort of Master/slave relationship.  One part of their interaction was something I try to emulate.   It was Darth Vader’s obedience to his Master.   Don’t get me wrong their relationship was extreme and faulty but even that can be used as a lesson.  Here are a few lessons that I took from the movie and I hope you can find them useful:

–  Choose your Master wisely.  Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker chose to close his eyes to the faults of the Sith Lord.  He ignored the warnings from his friends.  He traded his family and his morals for his own needs.

– Find someone you can trust to help you with your questions or to guide you when needed.  Before he became Darth Vader, Anakin was trained by those experienced in their field.  The Jedi Masters were the ones knowledgable in using the force.  With their continued guidance Anakin could have done great things for good.

– Obedience is what my Master desires.  I used to think that by my being obedient that Sir would lose interest in me.  In my mind a person who says yes Sir all the time is of no real use and only performing a robotic type service.  The Sith Lord needed Darth Vaders obedience.   He saw in Darth Vader what he needed (knowledge, skills, intelligence, his desire to be trained) to accomplish his plans.   In exchange for the Sith Lords protection, guidance, etc. Darth Vader gave him complete obedience.  Power Exchange.  He says yes my Master without hesitation and he does what he is asked without question.  This is the kind of dedication I want to have for Sir.

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars and M/s

  1. R – I love your posts 🙂 You need to do that more often, really. I’m kind of surprised, though – that you were going for the “not going to listen to keep things ‘interesting'” path. . . not that I’m going to say ‘I know’, but it was more of a gut feeling that what MV is looking for is perfection of obedience – because that is SO freakin’ hard (ok- that last bit is my opinion for sure, because I have yet to be able to manage to listen 100% to anyone, it’s just not in me- and I’m too ADD). ANYWAY – there is just so much insite to your posts – seriously. . LOVE them. And if we ever manage to get to NC at the same time we should do a Star Wars Marathon – I’m in the same class as you- not a SW geek, but I can sit and watch all six and not blink an eye 😀

  2. thank you for commenting shay 🙂 it’s always good to hear from you. we should totally get together for a star wars marathon…i’ll bring the movies 🙂 i have a few more posts in me and will be posting again.

    as far as obedience…me now and me then are two totally different people. being in a relationship with someone who wants to be in a relationship with me has caused a few changes in me…all for the good. i used to think that obeying was mindless and very unimaginative and as a strong, intelligent person simply saying “yes Sir” would somehow negate that fact. but i realized that attitude was another one of my defense mechanisms learned from life and making bad partner choices. i don’t have to defend or protect my emotions from Sir. As Sir has told me from the moment we met, he will hurt me (sadist that he is) but he will never harm me.

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