Service Book of Days 10/12/09

12 10 2009

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) is cold but the weather is nice. It feels sort of like a spring type cold and not yet a winter type cold…lol

my thoughts…are about trying to regain my equilibrium in regards to my slavery.

Today’s Quote“The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story. It changes the relationship of two people much more strongly than even the final surrender; because this kiss already has within it that surrender.” Emil Ludwig quotes (German Biographer and Writer who is internationally known for his many popular biographies, 1881-1948)

i am thankful for…always my family, all my moments – good and bad. I know I keep saying this but these are the things that I am most thankful for…everything else is just gravy, as the saying goes.

From my service training…(any skills, training etc; notes you want to share this week) I am learning another aspect of surrender. That Master’s rules don’t change no matter what I may think. These are his rules and my role is to accept, internalize, surrender to them. Actually the slave surrendering is the only way I can see for our relationship. Not surrendering to Master’s rules means that I am saving some part of my independence to use at a later time.

From the kitchen…(menu for the week, what are you cooking?) I am cooking breakfast every morning for the kids.

i am wearing…Master’s shirt. Even though his smell has long since departed from this shirt, just putting it on makes me feel all warm and cozy.

i am creating…(crafts, sewing etc;) nothing new at the moment

my adventures this week…(where are you going this week?) No adventures this weekend. I am going to continue to do stuff around my house. Still trying to prepare my house for selling.

Becoming well read…(What are you reading this week?)…Nothing this week. I am going to search for another good book on surrendering and slavery.

i manifest and co-create…(what are your hopes, dreams, and prayers this week) Peace and tranquility in my house and with my children. I pray for the people around us to not take their life for granted.

Todays Melody..(what music are you listening to? even if it’s just the sound of a bird…)  No melodies today…just quiet.

One of my favorite things…I am relearning my love for cooking.  For creating my own meals.

further plans for this week…housecleaning/clearing. Continuing my workout plan. Fixing up my house.

Still….life (share a picture you’ve taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)

the beginningI chose this photo as for me I need to remember where my place is and that no matter where I am or what space I am in  (with him or away from him) this is the beginning, middle, and end for me.   His slave.  It is when I lose sight of this that my space gets to be an unhappy place.  My constant choice is to be His slave.

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Service Book of Days – 8/31/09

31 08 2009

You know at one time I got tired of doing these posts every week as I found myself just making up stuff to put in it.  I think I missed the purpose of them.  The purpose is to not make me feel burdened but for me to take a moment and remember my life day by day and not just “go through” this life unaware.  At least that’s what sunk in for me as I posting this week’s post.

Outside my window…it was a bright day a little on the chilly side.

· my thoughts… are living honestly and open

· Today’s Quote…  People often say that beauty if in the eye of the beholder and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder.  This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look including inside ourselves…Salma Hayek

· i am thankful for… the many opportunities i have for growth

· From my service training… to be honest with myself.  this means being honest in looking at and working through all of the messy emotions and messy emotions are not easy for me.  i might try and fool myself into glossing over and only looking as far as the surface but to be honest to myself and to Master requires that I do more than just the minimum.

· From the kitchen… curry rice, mixed vegetables and baked chicken.

· i am wearing… a turquoise sundress

· i am creating… nothing…i am letting my Father’s universe guide me

· my adventures this week… school shopping and getting the kids ready for the rigors of highschool and middle school

· Becoming well read… A dragonfly in Amber…listening slowly to the Four Agreements (again)

· Today’s Melody… “And I gave my Love to you”…Sonja Marie…From the Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack

· One of my favorite things… Laughing out loud…I mean really loud…makes the body feel good.

· Further plans for this week… school shopping and preparing the kids for school.  I have one senior, one middle schooler (7th grade) and one 10th grader.

· Still….life… simple obedience.


Master Void’s slave

Interested in knowing where the quote and the idea for my weekly post came from.  Click this link.  You will also find some great ideas on service even if you are without someone to serve.

Photo used per Creative Commons.

Star Wars and M/s

7 02 2009

I was looking at Star Wars this past weekend.  I am a Star Wars fan, not an extreme fan, but I do have all of the movies and will get the Clone Wars to add to it.

The interaction between Darth Vader and the Sith Lord is fascinating to me.  When he made his decision to go to the Dark Side he was obedient to the Sith Lord.  No matter what was asked of Darth Vader his response would be “yes my Master” or “as you wish my Master.”   The Sith Lord would say “very good my apprentice”.

Once I became aware of this lifestyle it hit me that their relationship was a sort of Master/slave relationship.  One part of their interaction was something I try to emulate.   It was Darth Vader’s obedience to his Master.   Don’t get me wrong their relationship was extreme and faulty but even that can be used as a lesson.  Here are a few lessons that I took from the movie and I hope you can find them useful:

–  Choose your Master wisely.  Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker chose to close his eyes to the faults of the Sith Lord.  He ignored the warnings from his friends.  He traded his family and his morals for his own needs.

– Find someone you can trust to help you with your questions or to guide you when needed.  Before he became Darth Vader, Anakin was trained by those experienced in their field.  The Jedi Masters were the ones knowledgable in using the force.  With their continued guidance Anakin could have done great things for good.

– Obedience is what my Master desires.  I used to think that by my being obedient that Sir would lose interest in me.  In my mind a person who says yes Sir all the time is of no real use and only performing a robotic type service.  The Sith Lord needed Darth Vaders obedience.   He saw in Darth Vader what he needed (knowledge, skills, intelligence, his desire to be trained) to accomplish his plans.   In exchange for the Sith Lords protection, guidance, etc. Darth Vader gave him complete obedience.  Power Exchange.  He says yes my Master without hesitation and he does what he is asked without question.  This is the kind of dedication I want to have for Sir.

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