CAPEX Removed from Blogroll

30 01 2009

Due to issues relating to the last board election, I cannot recommend CAPEX at this time. Due to privacy concerns, I will not go into the particulars. I have emailed the board directly and I hope that they will do the right thing and address them with the membership. I find this somewhat heartbreaking as I have been a member for the longest time, and even hosted their first Halloween event at the House of Void.

If this situation changes, I will let you know.


FetLife Reaches 100,000 Members today

29 01 2009

I just thought I would share this bit of news with everyone. JohnBaku announced that FetLife had its 100,000th member join today. This is less than 13 months after it’s January 3, 2008, launch.

In case you were unaware, FetLife is a social networking site for people into the Lifestyle with a focus on being an anti-dating site. Yes, a place that makes it harder to hookup. But this is part of it’s charm. It allows serious discussions without the spam that usually fills up the women’s mailboxes. While not perfect, it is nice.

Congradulations, John, on hitting another milestone. And if you haven’t been there yet, you should go.


Photos from the Ceremony!

27 01 2009

More from my collaring ceremony.  I hope that I am not boring you too much.


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House of Void Collaring Ceremony for Esclave

21 01 2009

Thought that I would share my collaring ceremony that I used this past weekend with exclave. Please let me know what you think of it.

House of Void Collaring Ceremony

The room is lit by white candles, the collar rests on a black pillow placed on a table draped with a red cloth.

Master Void: “Welcome to My House.  I have invited you all here to celebrate with me the collaring of Rxxxxxx to Myself.
“In our lifestyle collaring can be virtual, represented by words typed on a screen.  Less often, a master will place a leather or metal band around the neck of his slave, in private.  Less frequently, friends are invited to witness a ritual of collaring.  Today,  that is what you will witness.
“I am glad that each of you could make it here today, and it warms my heart to see each of you and have you in my home.
“A collar, for those of us in the Lifestyle, represents a physical representation of the commitment that Rxxxxxx and I have pledged to each other. Today, you will bear witness to this commitment.

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20 01 2009



Esclave Receives Her Collar Today

18 01 2009

Just thought I would put that out.  We are having our formal collaring ceremony later today. I will post some photos and even the script I wrote for the ceremony.


South Plains Leatherfest – 2009

14 01 2009

More event info.  Good to pass these along

South Plains LeatherFest
International Master/Slave Weekend
10th Anniversary
February 27- March 1, 2009
Dallas, Texas
If you haven’t heard.. South Plains is going to be awesome this year in celebration of their 10th anniversary. They have a very impressive list of presenters featuring four BB family members,  Master Obsidian and slave namaste and Master Malik and slave cathy.
There’s currently 35 A-List presenters with 2 tracks being presented throughout the weekend…Leather/ SM Track & Master Slave.

Regular Registration is $119 and ends on February 16, 2009. And for those last minute planners, Final Registration is $149 and will be available from February 17 through the event.

Register now through RegOnline


South Plains has a new home! Join us at the Radisson Hotel & Suites  Love Field. Rooms are only $99 per night and a limited number of one bedroom suites are available for only $129 a night! Visit the Hotel page for more information and to make an online reservation.

Play Party:

South Plains’ play parties are sure to be better than ever! Thanks to our new venue, the parties will be held in one of the hotel ballrooms, giving us more space than ever before. And yes – there will be men only and women only space!

Not only is the play space better, playing hard all weekend long will cost you less! For only one low price of $20, you can attend both the Friday and Saturday night parties! Now there’s no excuse not to play the South Plains way! (PLEASE NOTE: NO INDIVIDUAL TICKETS FOR PARTIES WILL BE SOLD. To attend either or both of the South Plains parties, you must buy a play party package with your registration.)

Volunteers Needed:

If your in Dallas, Tx.  You might want to check it out.

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