Walking and orgasms?

Did you know that the way you walk can determine your potential for orgasms.  I was surfing the web this morning and found this article. The new study just published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that women who regularly have vaginal orgasms walk differently from women who don’t – and it’s not allContinue reading “Walking and orgasms?”

Things in the News

Not sure what to make of the first story, but it should go without saying that a 50 should not be playing with 15 and 17 year olds. A Christchurch man has been convicted on two charges relating to cutting and scarring two teenage girls who went to a house he had converted into aContinue reading “Things in the News”

Flordia Fetish Weekend Cancelled

The Flordia Fetish Weekend (FFW) event announced (October 31 – November 2)  that the event is cancelled and they will be giving refunds back. I have seen some traffic as to the reasons for the cancellation but it seems to be some disagreement to the final cause.  As I don’t want to get the middleContinue reading “Flordia Fetish Weekend Cancelled”

TMG Has Moved Its Website

The Triangle Munch Group has had to move it’s website. From their website: Welcome to our new website! We’ve sped up our previous plans to migrate to a new and improved content management based website, along with a new email listserve, due to a recent server outage. We apologize for the inconvenience that brought down our old website and listserveContinue reading “TMG Has Moved Its Website”

S&M Club Raided in Tribeca (NYC)

Seems that one of the more popular ways we make the news these days is through police raids. A Manhattan S&M club that billed itself as the “Leading House of Domination in NYC” was put out of business Wednesday after the NYPD busted its manager and seized its business records. The ladies at the WalkerContinue reading “S&M Club Raided in Tribeca (NYC)”

My heart speaks the words written on my soul

I am thankful to the most high one that he has brought me to you Sir.  I feel as if in all my years of being lost that i have finally found my home with you Sir. Whether our lives end today or way in the future I can say that each of those daysContinue reading “My heart speaks the words written on my soul”