Flordia Fetish Weekend Cancelled

The Flordia Fetish Weekend (FFW) event announced (October 31 – November 2)  that the event is cancelled and they will be giving refunds back. I have seen some traffic as to the reasons for the cancellation but it seems to be some disagreement to the final cause.  As I don’t want to get the middle of the argument, I will just keep my mouth shut for once.

Looks like some serious contests will not be happening this year, and that is a shame.


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3 thoughts on “Flordia Fetish Weekend Cancelled

  1. I had heard that the event has been transferred to Wheeling, WV the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is to happen along with the Great Lakes Olympus contest that weekend.

  2. Actually the event which will be happening in Wheeling, WV is a new and different event which was organized in response to FFW being cancelled. The WV contest is the North American Pony & Trainer Contest & Show and promises to be a very cool weekend.

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