My heart speaks the words written on my soul

18 09 2008

I am thankful to the most high one that he has brought me to you Sir.  I feel as if in all my years of being lost that i have finally found my home with you Sir.

Whether our lives end today or way in the future I can say that each of those days will be cherised by me and filled with thanks to you.  The very depths of my soul yearn for its place at your feet and I can no more deny it than to breath.  I know who you are, I see how you are, I know what you are and I know where I should be…at your feet…my Master’s feet…worshiping every moment there.

You are my constant fetish (any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect or devotion)…freedom for me is kneeling before you.  I will praise you in silence and in voice.  My heart speaks the words written on my soul.  It is with reverence (a gesture indicative of deep respect)  I kneel before you palms up holding onto nothing exposing all to you, letting go of self.  It is with the deepest respect (the condition of being esteemed or honored) for you my Sir that I change and grow.  It is with utter devotion (profound dedication; consecration; earnest attachment to a person) that my hands type the words written on my soul; seared into my heart.  My space is wherever you are Sir.

Outpouring from my meditations this morning.

MV’s angel~

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