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31 10 2008

Enjoy.  I did.

A Guide to Improving Oral Sex

30 10 2008 has an interesting article about how to improve oral sex. My girl is always willing to participate, but here are some tips that may help you out.

The most important thing you can do to make her more comfortable exploring your nether regions with her tongue is to clean yourself up. You may have had a shower in the morning, but by the time the evening rolls around you’ve likely used the bathroom a few times and perspired a bit, so it probably doesn’t smell or taste very good down there. For a longer and more enthusiastic oral sex session, make a point of washing up right before it begins. To avoid spoiling the mood, you could incorporate a mutual bath or shower into your foreplay.

The majority of women prefer not to swallow semen, but your girlfriend may be persuaded if you make an effort to make your spunk taste better. A vegetarian diet is the best way to make your taste milder. If you’re not ready to go meatless, try eating foods like kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, and celery to lighten the taste. Make your semen taste sweeter by incorporating plums, blueberries and cranberries into your diet. Beer and coffee will make you taste bitter and dairy products can produce putrid tastes.

Some interesting advice here.  Check it out.

Slavery on the Homefront Too.

29 10 2008

Just so as we do not become complacent and think that slavery only exists overseas, the San Franscisco Chronical brings us the tale of John France Gonzales.

A 24-year-old Daly City man was sentenced today to 16 years in state prison for holding a girl in his basement bedroom for a year, during which he had sex with her and beat her when she resisted.

“The judge agreed with the prosecution that this was a very serious case, that the crime involved a minor and a long period of violence and threats,” said Assistant District Attorney Melissa McKowan. “She was kept from her family and basically confined for a year.”

Defense lawyer Paul De Meester argued that the relationship John France Gonzales had with the girl, whom he kept from her parents for 18 months, was consensual and Gonzales only pushed and shoved the girl.

Now I am a big fan of consentual slavery, but I think that it comes as a part of our Lifestyle that we must be among the most vocal opponents of enforced slavery or indentured servitude.

But, what do you think?  Let us know in the comments.


Ex-Slave Wins Case in Nigeria

27 10 2008

Ok, technically this posting inst BDSM related.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about how people are treated in this world. The basics are this:  a woman who was sold as a slave at the age of 12 in Nigeria, who was beaten, raped, forced to have her master’s children for a decade, won a landmark decision when the government of her country was found guilt of not protecting her.

Ex-Slave woman

A West African court has found Niger’s government guilty of failing to protect a woman from slavery in a landmark case for the region.

The court found in favour of Hadijatou Mani, who says she was sold aged 12 and made to work for 10 years.

A judge ordered the government – which says it has done all it can to eradicate slavery – to pay Ms Mani 10m CFA francs (£12,430; $19,750).

Anti-Slavery’s Romana Cacchioli told the BBC that her group had managed to free about 80 women from slavery in Niger over the past five years.

The Ecowas court ruling will be binding on all member states and so will have consequences for people being kept as slaves beyond Niger, the BBC’s Idy Baraou reports from Niger.

For generations, the children of a slave have automatically become the property of the slave master.

Ms Mani says one of the reasons she has taken this court action is to secure her two children’s freedom and ensure they do not have to endure the same fate.

This is a good day.



26 10 2008

A friend of mine is writing a book, and is asking for some help.  I thought I would help spread the word.

I am preparing for the upcoming release of what I hope will be the most extensive written look at the world of BDSM for POC that has been written, entitled Emancipation.

Because of the potential impact that Emancipation may have on many people, I want to add some wisdom from you. Please share those heart-touching, body-warming, life lessons about your journey. Please submit a short story/essay/speech of three to ten pages about whatever suits your fancy, but here are some categories for your consideration:

  • Most exciting scene
  • The honor of service
  • Best training practices
  • what it means to be a Dom/Domme/Top, sub/slave/bottom or Switch
  • biggest lessons learned
  • your reign as ____________(Title)
  • history of your group/organization/munch/club, etc.

Of course other topics will be considered and/or approved as submitted because I’m not omnipotent and I’m sure there are worthwhile topics that I’m missing here. I request your entry by December 20, 2008 or sooner. Email the story, do not send an attachment via .

Submissions are not guaranteed to make the book and there is no compensation for your story submission other than you will receive a copy of the book and hopefully get to be seen and autograph your contribution at a tour date in your area – depending on how comfortable you are with that level of exposure. You will also have the satisfaction that your words may help someone on this journey. You also don’t have to be a professional writer, we can tweak your story for grammar and when necessary contact you for clarification.

Special notes

You may be out of the proverbial closet but make sure that if you reference anyone else in your writing that you have permission to do so or change the name.

If you are truly stuck, i can send you a standard interview that might get your creative juices flowing.

Also make sure that you get permission to submit a story if you must have such clearance from the one you serve, before doing so. Thanks.

If there’s anyone whom you believe should be approached about this project. Drop me a line/email and then know that they will receive this information. Thanks so much.

I write professionally as Charley Nicole Montrose, check out my first erotic novel TempT via TempT in case you would like to know if my type of writing is something that you could support. TempT is NOT a book about the BDSM lifestyle, but is it of an intense erotic nature.

This project will take everyone doing their part. This is the initial open call onfetlife that has been sent, although many individuals have been contacted personally. The bulk of the book has been written but there is much to do.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

If you contribute your writing you will have to sign a permission form.

Let’s see who this TempTs,

Charley N Montrose

I am writing something for it, maybe you can too.


A Fun Video for Friday

24 10 2008



Looking for Toys?

21 10 2008

I like nice toys.  I have a suitcase (and a bit more) full of them. One of the places I go to get some quality bondage gear (and they have other nice things too) is Mr. S Leather. Located in San Francisco and available though mail order, Mr. S Leather has become one of the old standards for gear in the Leather Lifestyle community.

I personally have shopped in their store, and frankly it was like heaven, being surrounded by all that gear. I find their merchandise to be of good or superior quality, and very durable and functional.

From their website:

For close to 27 years Mr. S Leather has been the world’s forerunner in the fetish industry. From it’s infancy there was a passionate and clear vision. This combined with an intense drive to bring the absolute best of the best in top quality bondage, leather, latex and electrical gear to its customers

Initially conceptualized by the infamous and fondly remembered Alan Selby, Mr. S Leather had its humble beginnings with only a handful of production and sales staff. Mr. S Leather could be best described as a ‘Leather Family’. Many companies today, selling or producing fetish gear and apparel over the years have fallen short of this mark. Having flooded the marketplace with flimsy designs and novelty items that weren’t functional and feigned at the image of the real leather scene. This was clearly not going to be the path of Mr. S Leather! Striving for perfection in both its craftsmanship and creative design produced legitimate and real working BDSM equipment and apparel that could not only stand the test of time, but the true test of Hard-Core Players, Playing Hard-Core!

Mr. S Leather was taken over in 1991 by Richard Hunter who himself was already an established legendary player in the world leather scene. He provided the new leadership and vision that re-invented the Mr. S Leather Company. The marketing and designs were transformed and directed by Richard and his production staff by looking towards the future and opening up the business to a broader market by moving away from the ‘70’s Leather Clone’ image.

Hope you guys find these reviews helpful. Let me know in the comments


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