Meditation Space?

Since being with Master I have had the priviledge being able to meditate outside. I wanted to update this post with pictures of my meditation space.  It’s like having my own secret garden.  I love this space…sounds of birds, seeing butterflies (I’ve had two land on me while there ), flowers and clovers:


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One of my rituals with Master calls for me to meditate 3 times a week.  A much as I fight the idea of sitting still for a certain amount of time to meditate I have found that it is really helpful.  I tend to not feel necessary unless I am doing something needful.

In His wisdom having me set this time aside helps me refocus on the fact that it is not what I do per se but it is so much more deeper than that.

I can’t say that I have taken to meditation like a duck to water but I know it is His desire for me to meditate and it is necessary.  So for the first 2 minutes I spend settling my mind and shutting out all of the internal noise that tells me to get up.   With the hectic pace of the last 3-4 weeks I have spent my meditations just breathing and relaxing and remembering the promises of my Father that my life is in his hands and his promises to me are true.

With the move and getting settled in my home with Master my current meditation space just has a picture of him in it.  I want to add more but that will come with time.

My question to those who read our blog and those passing by:

1.  What’s in your meditation space?

2.  Do you find that meditating helps or is it a waste?

3.  How do you meditate?

Okay so that’s more than one question…lol

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