Service Book of Days 10/31/11

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) is a beautiful fall day.  I am loving this milder weather.  In NJ there has already been a nor’easter…early for this time of year. my thoughts… are thoughtful thoughts on the ebbs and flows of relationships. Today’s Quote:   Nothing endures but personalContinue reading “Service Book of Days 10/31/11”

Reflections on the Leather History Conference

I thought I would make it a trifecta of articles on the Conference I attended this weekend. I must say  that over all, I really enjoyed the conference. It was good to see my friends again, some of whom I haven’t seen in years. The vendors had an excellent selection of products. I missed outContinue reading “Reflections on the Leather History Conference”

At the Leather History Conference

It has been a long day. I started it in Charlotte, working while my slave spent her time getting us ready for the conference. I had initially planned on being here tomorrow morning, but there is nowhere to stop between Charlotte and Wilmington that makes any sense. So we are here. Now. Tonight. I’ve alreadyContinue reading “At the Leather History Conference”

North Carolina Leather History Conference

A long time ago I taught history (a long time is about 2 decades btw). So, I am always interested in what we can learn from our past. See where we came from. Where we are headed. That is why I am spending this weekend at the first ever North Carolina Leather History Conference. IContinue reading “North Carolina Leather History Conference”