Totem – Spiders

I can’t say that I have any particular love for spiders.  I have this thing about creepy crawlies.  The thing is I don’t like them…lol  There is something about having a bug  with that many arms and legs touch me that just gives me shivers.

It seems that the universe is  telling me different though.

It is said that the spider is the weaver of dreams.  That the spider’s web holds life together, meaning it shows us how connected we are to the each other.  The web connects our past with our present and teaches us to not forget our Creator.

I have been doing some research on spiders and came across these two websites:


When I first just slept together (no euphemism for sex, lol,  we actually just slept together) I had a dream about being caught in the most intricate and colorful spider’s web I have every seen.  Instead of a smooth circular pattern it was built in the design of the pentagon (hard angles).   Even the spider was in this design.  So every time I would try and break this web down to get away the spider would build it back quickly even before I could move forward.  It was really fascinating to see.  It was like the spider was saying to me that this was my point of staying.   That no matter how much I try this space was my space.


The second time my spider appeared in my dreams was the night I realized that I did not have to go home that I was with Master for good now.  This was a weird one though.  An eagle and a bear was trapped in the spider’s web.  When the eagle would try and break free of the spider’s web the spider would spin an even more intricate web to keep them trapped.  It was beautiful.

That for me was my next sign that being in Master’s house was were I needed to be.

Incidentally my fear of creepy crawlies does not include most spider’s anymore…lol  Most spider’s not all…lol



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3 thoughts on “Totem – Spiders

  1. @Bri…hmmmmm that is true. I guess I will be meditating on this dream for a little bit. I think with thinking of everyone else these past few months I need to take some time to look inward.

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

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