Marriage and M/s – After the marriage

28 02 2011

I figured it was time for me to update my thoughts on marriage and slavery now that I am married to my Master.   This has been another learning moment for me and I am greatful for Master being my Master and not acquiescing and being my husband.

My Master and I got married in November of 2010. This is my joy and my dilemma.

Since we have been married I have found that this has been causing major issues for me. It seems that my mindset went to wife. I saw my marriage to Master as being married to my husband. Which put me on equal footing. I started dropping my protocols in terms of speaking and behavior, making decisions on which rules I would follow and really not being my Master’s slave.

The thing that bought it in to focus for me was when I told my Master that I decided that I didn’t need to meditate anymore as I saw no more need for it. I told him in such a way that it should no big deal and that he should be perfectly okay with this. Even though this has been his rule for me since we met. This is not about me meditating or my seeing the need to meditate this is about following my Master’s rule.

That was a severe heart wrenching ouchy moment for me. Things are getting better, slowly and more mindful and i have not doubt we will be stronger for it

Anyone else have issues with being married and being a slave?

MV’s esclave

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