Service Book of Days 11/16/09

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) was a beautiful sunrise as I was walking to work today. It was shades of reds and yellows and was just gorgeous. Of course when I came home tonight the sky was sprinkled with stars…how gorgeous is that. my thoughts…are hopeful. I amContinue reading “Service Book of Days 11/16/09”

A Worthy Event

Hello Everyone, You get to hear from me twice this week and I am glad that I get to post about this upcoming event. The CLOAK group out of Charlotte, NC is putting together a benefit in honor of two members in their community.  Lady Silverfox’s slave Richard has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  ThisContinue reading “A Worthy Event”

Service Book of Days 11/10/09

Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?) when I opened my eyes on Monday I saw Master’s beautiful face. I spent a wonderful 5 days with Him and just connecting again with him physically is important for us….for me. my thoughts…are introspective. Master and I were able to play myContinue reading “Service Book of Days 11/10/09”

“Teasing” a New FetLife Site – Kinky Tease

John Baku (why does this man not have a Wikipedia entry?) has announced that due to popular demand, FetLife will have a line of t-shirts, and maybe other schwag. I am eagerly awaiting the T-shirts, though personally a pin or patch would look better on my vest. Kinky Tease (you get the pun?) is theContinue reading ““Teasing” a New FetLife Site – Kinky Tease”

NCSF Asks Community to File Complaints With Police About Eagle Raid

Well, I had wanted to talk about John Baku’s latest project today. But a more urgent matter has come up, and since I like to be somewhat timely on my blog, I decided to bump John (Sorry man) and talk some more about the Atlanta Eagle Raid. On November 3rd, the NCSF issued a newsContinue reading “NCSF Asks Community to File Complaints With Police About Eagle Raid”