“Teasing” a New FetLife Site – Kinky Tease

John Baku (why does this man not have a Wikipedia entry?) has announced that due to popular demand, FetLife will have a line of t-shirts, and maybe other schwag. I am eagerly awaiting the T-shirts, though personally a pin or patch would look better on my vest. Kinky Tease (you get the pun?) is theContinue reading ““Teasing” a New FetLife Site – Kinky Tease”

Graydancer’s Ropecast

Ok, sometimes I am late to the party. I only learned of Graydancer’s Ropecast reciently by following John Baku (FetLife‘s founder) on twitter.  He will be on it later this month (it appears that there is some difficulty in recording it, so I can’t give you a date). So, Ropecast has been in existance sinceContinue reading “Graydancer’s Ropecast”