Atlanta Police Raids Atlanta Eagle

Last Thursday, the Atlanta Police Department decided to stage a raid on the Atlanta Eagle. For those not in the know, the Eagle is a leather bar in Atlanta. While I haven’t been to it, Eagles are usually nice places (all independently owned) for those interested in Leather Men or the like to hang out.Continue reading “Atlanta Police Raids Atlanta Eagle”

This Week in Kink – A New Podcast

I have been listening to This Week in Kink, a new kink/bdsm oriented podcast.  It seems more towards general bdsm than straight out kink though.  JohnBaku and tonja along with other invited guests talk about some of the topics brought up in the groups on FetLife. I have been listening to all of the episodes Continue reading “This Week in Kink – A New Podcast”

Service Book of Days 9-7-9

Outside my window…is a lot of noise going on as I have not been outside all day.  I have been hibernating.  Must be my pre-winter isolation coming on my thoughts…are jumbled at the moment.  Keeping myself steadfast on the decisions that I made but trying not to give in to my need to not haveContinue reading “Service Book of Days 9-7-9”

Fetish Art Festival in NC

I plan on going to this event, once I heard about it.  It sounds like fun.  Wish I had some kinky photos to display.  Maybe next year. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: North Carolina Fetish Art Society, Durham to host first North Carolina Fetish Art Festival Artists and art lovers of the kinky persuasion areContinue reading “Fetish Art Festival in NC”