Book of Days – August 24

24 08 2009

Outside my window… is dark and the sky is a little overcast…but the streets are quiet for a change.

· my thoughts… are silent.  i am listening.

· Today’s Quote…Passage Psalm 62:5:My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him.

· i am thankful for… the little things and big things.  i am thankful for the intesity of the hurtful things and the joy in the happy times.  i am thankful that i can feel life instead of letting life pass me by.  Someone shared with me in their writings this phrase “Live Life Wide Awake”.  I love that.   Be aware of every moment of your life.

· From my service training… i am learning to know when to stop talking.  silence is golden

· From the kitchen… turkey meatloaf, sugar snap peas and rice

· i am wearing… black shorts and a purple tshirt (Master’s favorite color is purple)

· i am creating… nothing…i am letting my Father’s universe guide me

· my adventures this week… picking my daughter up from the airport and going school shopping for the kids

· Becoming well read… A dragonfly in Amber…listening slowly to the Four Agreements (again)

· Today’s Melody… Give it to me Right – Melanie Fiona.  This song has an old school feel with great lyrics

· One of my favorite things… hot pastries…corny jokes

· Further plans for this week… school shopping and preparing the kids for school.  I have one senior, one middle schooler and one 10th grader.

· Still….life…


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