Service Book of Days 8/10/09

  • Outside my windowor on the train this morning i was viewing the people as they started their Monday

  • my thoughts…are chaotic

  • Today’s Quote… I have patience, I just don’t like to wait

  • i am thankful for…each day and moment that i have and being able to tell my family i love them

  • From my service training… I am learning how to organize

  • From the kitchen… I am learning how to cook for less people, with less money, in a less processed way

  • i am wearing…a royal blue sundress as it is 90 degrees with high humidity…yuck

  • i am creating… I am creating myself with acceptance and peace

  • my adventures this week… work and preparing to attend BlackBEAT with Master.

  • Becoming well read… I am reading a historical romance series by Diana Gabaldon. The current book in the series is called Dragonfly in Amber.  Listening to a book on podcast about metahumans…I love science fiction

  • i manifest and co-create… time for everyone…not sure how to do that…LOL

  • Listening to the Melody… of Madea’s Family Reunion…great soundtrack for this movie

  • One of my favorite things… is to just laugh out loud

  • further plans for this week…getting prepared BlackBEAT

  • Still….life (share a picture you’ve taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)

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