A Different Kind of Collarme Spam

I have said before that I have a profile on Collarme. Frankly, I never received a lot email there, but I like looking at the profiles and the beautiful women there so I keep coming back. So I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from a Domme that I saw was near my girl.  I initially thought, nice someone writing me to play with my girl. Frankly, I am ok with my girl playing with other women (and to some extent men) since she is so far away from me.  Helps to scratch an itch of hers.  And a happy slave means a happy Master.

I opened the letter and was amused when I found this:

It’s quite amusing that your “girls” must be height/weight proportionate, but it’s OK that you are OBESE (approximately 100 pounds overweight).   You may want to take a moment to reflect on that….LOL

Well, once I stopped laughing I knew that given my personality, I could not let it rest.  I know that I am a large man, and frankly overweight, but if I am dishonest in what I want I can never be happy. Neither could anyone that served me.

I wrote:

Yeah, I have. I am ok with me. I guess you are not ok with you since you feel compelled to impose your opinions upon me, unasked.

Have a nice day.

I do have to thank her though.  I got a nice laugh (ask esclave) and I got a good post for my blog. I do feel sorry for those that have to deal with her in her day to day life.  Someone with that kind of attitude cannot be happy at heart.

Be happy with who you are, be comfortable with what you want, and don’t be concerned with making everyone else happy.


Oh, here is my profile if your interested.

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I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

7 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Collarme Spam

  1. You are VERY specific with who you are, and what you like. . . if someone wanted to enter into a relationship thinking they could change that (well, I like this guy. . except for. . . ) that’s just crap. Pure crap. if you put yourself out there, folks that want what you have to offer and can give you what you want in return. . . well then.

    But you know, she may be crying at night that you wouldn’t like her (evil giggle)

  2. shay i was more upset about her post than Sir was. i was ready to jump onto collar me find her profile and blast her…LOL but Sir reminded me that people who pick with other people are not happy with themselves.

    one of the many things i appreciate about Sir is the fact that he knows what he wants.

  3. It IS a good post 🙂 And I had another thought (one of those, damn, if I’d thought of it THEN). Could have written back, thanked her for agreeing that you are allowed to be the person you are, yes, you do meditate with personal awareness in mind. Have a nice day 😀

    And where does the animosity come from? Lord only knows. . . people are. . . people.

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