Free Pass

This post was requested by Sir.  He requested that I share one of His policies of giving me a “free pass”.

Generally when i think of a free pass i think of something that allows you to get a no payments, no repercussions pass that you can use for a limited time there are also some that are good until you use them and you can use them anytime you want.  The latter is the type of free pass that Sir has given to me.  I got this pass from Sir as a reward for my good behavior his way of saying “good girl”.

I can use my free pass for any play or task that i don’t want to do at the moment.  My dynamic with Sir is that basically he is in charge.  It is at his discretion and direction that things happen in O/our space and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I can use my free pass anytime I want but Sir reserves the right to, for a very good reason, take it away.  There is nothing that I can do per se to win another pass.  Meaning that I can not do a certain number of things and then expect to recieve a free pass and I cannot accumulate free passes.

That being said I still have only one pass that I have yet to use…LOL besides the things Sir has had me do have not been anything that I wanted to take a pass on.  


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submissive to Master Void

One thought on “Free Pass

  1. My mother gave each of us girls a ‘get out of jail free’ card from Monopoly – and she meant it. We had one screw up and she’d bail us out. . . other then that, we were on our own. I still have mine 😉

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