How to Spot a CollarMe Scammer

So I get back from visiting my girl, and I check my email this morning and I spot this gem in it.  I am sharing this with you so we can look for clues to spot an Collarme scam. (Just so you know, I really like CollarMe and I go there every day,  but I do see a lot of scammers there so consider this my being a good citizen part).

User Name:












Last Online:


Submissive Female



1334 miles

Willing to Relocate


170 lbs



African American



Lives For:

Bar Hopping (Expert)


SCA (Expert)

Travel (Expert)


Art Galleries (Expert)

Beachcombing (Expert)

Opera (Expert)

Shopping (Expert)


Garage Sales (Expert)

Curious About:

Fine Dining (Beginner)

The first thing I look at is the height and weight. Many of the scammers are used to the metric system, and the numbers are often way off.  someone weighing 50lbs and standing at 5’6″ is way too thin for even my tastes.

But things look good so far. So lets look at the contents of the actual message.

Hello Dear,
How are you today ?,My name is Kamah ,I’m 5.7 fight,fair in completion ,i saw your profile today and after going true of it i was moved by the quality of human i found in your profile,and i became instant interested in knowing you the more,but i will like you to no that distance ,age or color dose not matter but what maters is love and understanding and being honest to each other. i will like you contact me true my direct mailing address so that i will give you my picture and tell you more about me.( )i have SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT to tell you.Good to hear from you,
Yours dream love.

Wow, where do I start. crazy punctuation, “5.7 fight”; “going true of it”, “does”, “honest to each other”,  and finally, she wants me to contact me through her email for a first contact.  Use your common sense, if it doesn’t look right, move on.  It is likely a scam.


Published by Master Void

I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

16 thoughts on “How to Spot a CollarMe Scammer

  1. Honey, someone weighing 50lbs at 5’6 is dead, and has been for a few years. . . . That’s only a few inches shorter then me, and my target weight is 170 (so your scammer is actually kinda chubby- I’m 5’10”).

  2. Collarme is dominated by female pros and scammers. The forums are run by a bunch of feminazis that hate men, and they will censor anything they don’t like.

  3. What follows is a letter I received via Collarme email system……

    “Hello my name is Clemen,iam tall and good looking young guy, after
    reading your profile,i will like to have a relationship with you, can you write me at
    we can start from there, also i will send you my picture, i will be
    waiting because i have something VERY IMPORTANT to tell you, take care and lots of love,
    God bless

    After reading this…………I checked out his profile and this is what I found…

    Description: Male Submissive

    City: Dallas

    State: Texas

    Relocation: willing to relocate

    Height: 5’9″

    Weight: 65 lbs.

    Age: 29

    Orientation: straight

    Ethnicity: African American

    Last Online:04/01/10″


    Mistress Lori

    CTNurse94 on

  4. sexnolimit112 is one of the Nigerians.

    She calls herself Auke Houkes, and hard pressed, she sends a webcam shot of a passport named Auke Ijsbrand Wilhelmus Haukes. The front names are all Dutch boys names… And the picture is clearly one that has been entered by Cut and paste. The birthyear has been clearly been doctored from 1965 to 1985, but Height is still left at 1.88M.. and she claims o be 5’…
    Finally, E-Mail Header shows “her” to be in Nigeria.

    viking2meters at collarme.

  5. Collarme is loaded with people looking for “tributes” and married people, who forget to tell you that fact. Scammers are not just the people from Nigeria they are people whove deluded themselves with fake reality.

  6. I have run across dozens of profiles similar to the one you posted as an example. Dom/Master profiles. When I get them I read them, laugh and block sender.

  7. There are scam artist on every social network, collar me is no exception. Not every one with poor grammar and punctuation skills is a scam . Some are genuinely sincere people who are illiterate.

    Amused : Azjojoba: I am not a pro or a female Nazi . I am a female dominant who seeks to establish a poly household . I make no excuses for having asked for tribute . Anytime you accept another person or persons into your home your living expenses increase. Why shouldn’t I expect those who share my home to share the expenses ?

    Fred: Not one genuine person on Collar me. It must be an extreme burden to have such a narrow ,shallow mind . You have my sympathy .

    sincerely scottishlady @ collar me
    AKA MistressLynette@fetlife

  8. Hi Master Void and all ireland has the same issues all the 20 to 24 year old girls are fixated on Fin Domme..the recession must have really hit their fickle world their minds occupy..not being able to budget or buy their material goods…yes there are Pro Dominatrix on there who genuinely look for client slaves and pro relationships as they call them…I have found most women on collarme..Ireland thinking like women does not matter if they say they are DOM sub or switch they all think alike …I am all for safety an security the attitudes of many stink…even if you say hello or treat them with respect.more to come ..Lookingfor…:)

  9. On I have found those who claim to wish relocation and willingness to serve, but they post and send fake pix, and they can only text , never call or receive phone transmissions. Never will any of these be real. They are looking to scam you out of money or gifts. Listen, notice the English they use, the grammar is off point. Note how they wont use phones except to text. These people are all about money and nothing else. They don’t care if you are handicap as long as you send the money. If they get on cam, make sure they are not using a program to project the image of other whom they have seen on cam and capture it. Camtasia is on such program. Ask them to hold up a certain amount of fingers or do a tast and not just general or only one, make it numerous and vast. And this will still not mean that they are not scammers. You should always check ip numbers and compare to the profiles. Yes, they are usually foreigners and wish to be sent western union or wire deliveries. I guess there is no law in Nigeria and they let this low life criminals run around stealing. Now remember the deal if you ever meet one of these thieves in your country…let them starve, thirst and be lost. They are not worth the time in attempting resolve.

  10. I haven’t gotten those but I did have ones that were making me sign up another dome/sub site under a servant name given to me but I was skeptic because in order to continue with them, I had to sign up and that cost was monthly. What else should I detect?

  11. I have received more than 10 Respondents from CollarMe,and Have Had Zero Meetings,All I get is people Telling me to go to Other WebbSites,such as a or Go to another IM portal,It’s just as easy to communicate on CollarMe ,why do You need to go Out of the current site.CollarMe has all the Necessary Areas to make a Meeting Possible.J

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