Tristan Taormino

2 06 2008

Tristan Taormino is a very well know BDSM educator located in New York. Her website offers a variety of lifestyle resources that may pique your instance. You can even purchase one of her famous butt plugs (she wrote the “Ultimate Guide for Anal Sex for Women”). esclave can attest to the quality of her butt plugs personally.

She also has a newsletter you can sign up for.

Check it out.


A Review

28 05 2008

The Village Voice hosts an article by Tristan Taormino who reviews a very particular session.  Princess Donna decided to submit to training under the Training of O site.

Recently, I wrote about Brian Lilla’s independent film, A Tale of Two Bondage Models, which profiled BDSM performers Lorelei Lee and Princess Donna. The latter has been webmistress for (part of the network of sites) for almost four years, and has directed and appeared in about 300 scenes that have featured extreme bondage, Violet Wands, single- tail whips, cattle prods, and the gleeful (and consensual) torture of gorgeous, naked women; in most scenes, Donna’s the top, but occasionally she’ll bottom. In December, she announced plans to shoot for another site: She’s worked on the site before, but this time she wouldn’t be a trainer: She planned to appear as a submissive.

Part of what makes so successful is the personalities behind the various sites and the level of authenticity they bring to their scenes. Having established her persona as a pervy domme, Princess Donna decided to push her own limits and boundaries in a very public way; because she’s so well known for dishing it out, it’s not surprising that lots of people are ready to see if she can take it, too. “I was so interested in being a part of that rigorous program,” she says. “I love seeing how far I can push my body, and reaching that point of total mental and physical exhaustion is so exciting.” Many of Kink’s regular models switch roles, but Donna is the first webmaster of a site to undertake the training program.

You can find the whole article here. I heartily reccomend reading it (hell clicking on the link is worth it just for the picture of the article alone).  Enjoy


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